Associative Economics

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The world's economic and financial conditions seem to be perilously unstable. As our strap line alludes, rather than clinging to the banking system and to belief in mere markets, associative economics is about trusting to people directly as the springs of responsible economic behaviour.

Associative Economics

Associative Economics

With its many and wide-ranging implications for modern economic life, associative economics places human beings at the centre of all economic processes. Our capacity to be both free and responsible means we can make conscious what is otherwise left to the unseen working of market forces. Likewise, we can regulate our own behaviour without recourse to the state.

Ways to Support

Two ways to support associative economics worldwide.

The Colours of Money

The gateway to the world beyond the market and beyond banking is understanding that money has three qualities or colours of money – red, blue and yellow! Or means of exchange, store of value, unit of account. Or purchase, loan and gift money. Or Income and Expense, Balance Sheet and Closing Entries...


As both a theoretical and practical discipline, associative economics bridges between concepts and application, academia and business, and the manner in which micro cases address macro problems. Embedded in experience, associative economic research is carried out on an-going basis... 

The Mark of Association

First established in 1998, the (ae) Quality Guarantee Mark is designed to encourage economic activities based on an associative approach to economic life. With its 4 Steps and 4 Criteria, it highlights the main characteristics of an associative approach to business. Step 1 is participation in the Colours of Money seminar...


An extensive and varied literature exists concerning the associative economic paradigm. This site focuses on publications that develop an associative perspective through on-going consideration of the economic affairs of the day with publications aimed at lay and professional readers alike…