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Colours of Money

The gateway to the world beyond the market and beyond banking is understanding that money has three qualities or colours of money – red, blue and yellow! Or means of exchange, store of value, unit of account. Or purchase, loan and gift money. Or Income and Expense, Balance Sheet and Closing Entries…

As well as providing a general introduction to associative economics, the Colours of Money seminar serves as Step 1 of the (ae) Mark. It has been given for over 10 years in many parts of the world to a wide range of people, both lay and professional. This means that the ideas imparted have been developed and ‘road tested’ in many contexts, so that as well as the enjoyment provided by the seminar and the inclusion of artistic media, the content is grounded in practical economic and business experience. 

The topics typically covered include the history of economic thought, monetary evolution, legal and constitutional questions, and bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning. In this way, the material spans from the big issues of our times to day-to-day management of economic activities such that they both function profitably and serve as micro-responses to macro problems.

The Colours of Money seminars are organised when there is a demand. Anyone interested should contact mail (at) Click here for a list of places where the seminar has been held.