Associative Economics

Finance at The Threshold - Various Reviews

Christopher Houghton Budd, 
London: Gower, 239pp., ISBN: 978 0 566
09211 4, £65.00 (hb), 2011. Purchase here

Review by Martin Large, The Social Crediter, Summer 2011

"Budd asks the question,’ Why did the banks stop lending to one another? And why now? Is the problem merely a matter of over-loose credit due to the relaxation of traditional prudence? Or did global finance find itself at its limits, both technically and epistemologically? Have government bailouts really worked, therefore, or merely ‘kicked the can down the street’?..."

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Review by Glen Saunders, Sphere Magazine, September 2011

"This is an important book but not an easy one. Its subject matter is abstruse and difficult: economics and what happened in the global financial crisis..."

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Review by Arthur Edwards, Economic Affairs, October 2011

"Given the large volume of books swiftly turned out by journalists and economists in the wake of the global financial crisis, one can be forgiven for wondering whether, especially at this ‘late’ stage, the reading public does not have crisis fatigue ..."

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Review by Chris Schaeffer PhD, February 2012

"This book is a very stimulating effort to integrate Rudolf Steiner’s economic ideas into the mainstream economic debate about the current financial crisis. The book is meant to give Steiner as an economist credibility among an academic audience not familiar with his ideas..."

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Review by Rudolf Isler, Gegenwart April 2012

"Because of its great importance for our understanding of the modern financial industry, here an English book is shown that is unfortunately not yet translated into German. The author, Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd writes as proven professional. He has dedicated his entire life to the financial industry and is to be found much in the world."

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