Associative Economics

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Guarantee Mark

First established in 1998, the (ae) Guarantee Mark is designed to encourage economic undertakings based on an associative approach to economic life. With its 4 Steps and 4 Criteria, it highlights the main characteristics of an associative approach to business. It has a formal dimension, but can also be used as a means for self-auditing and giving greater effect to the ‘associativeness’ of one’s undertaking.


1: Introduction to Associative Economics

Attending the Colours of Money Seminar.

2: Preparing for the AE Mark

Sharpening the skills and understanding needed to give effect to associative economics. 

3: Matching to the AE Mark

Making any necessary changes to the capitalisation, structure, management and accounting of one's undertaking, in conjunction with at least two other like-minded undertakings.

4: Using the AE Mark 

Self-policed and self-certified, undertakings that have completed Steps 1-3 and that fulfil the 4 Criteria (see below) formally adopt the Mark.


The four Steps are designed to enable an activity to fulfil the following four Criteria:

1: Competence 

Human beings, not market forces, as the true agents of economic development. 

2: Structure 

The importance of appropriate legal, financial, and management frameworks. 

3: Accounting

Transparent and open bookkeeping as a common language and the key to responsible change.

4: Meeting

Using the medium of money-as-accounting to work associatively rather than competitively.