Associative Economics

Ways to Support

Two ways to support associative economics worldwide.

Associative Economics Research

As both a theoretical and practical discipline, associative economics bridges between academia and business, focusing especially on the way micro cases address macro problems. Embedded in experience, associative economic research is carried out on an-going basis, including the development of an archive, with its results published via various media.  

This research is fostered by the Centre for Associative Economics – a virtual ‘think tank’ comprising colleagues from the fields of economics, accounting and monetary history. Coordinated by Christopher Houghton Budd, PhD., the research generally concentrates on 6 main areas:

             Deep Accounting
 The Prospects for a World Currency
 Youth Financial Literacy
  The Role of the Corporation and the Future of Not-for-profits
 Financing Education
 The Economics of Farming 

The research is published as as papers, booklets, or books, both in-house (see Publications) and elsewhere.

Such research needs continuous funding, which has also to remain politically and commercially independent. To paraphrase Ghandi: ‘It is not good to run on permanent funds. Annual subscriptions are a test of popularity and honest management.’ We therefore place great store in small regular contributions, but are also happy to receive legacies and sizeable one-off amounts.

As part of a worldwide approach to funding, arrangements are being made to send donations to different organisations in different countries. For the time being donations will be sent to Hermes Trust in England, a registered charity.

If you would like to contribute, please do so hereMake a donation