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A Human Response to Globalisation

Far from being the evil some see it as, economic life provides the ground for a conscious meeting with oneself and with others. Outlining the essential principles of associative economics, this book shines a new light on modern...[more]

£ 9.50

Beyond the Market

Market economics is largely contradicted by the developments that accompany it. Particularly in the West, economic life has become intimately bound up with the state, making a mockery of the idea of the free play of market...[more]

£ 7.50


Today's economic reality is that of a single global economy that has long ceased to comprise separate national areas. A global approach to economic life is therefore needed and with it a dynamic analysis of the economic process –...[more]

£ 12.50

Freeing the Circling Stars

Beyond state interference and parental sacrifice, this publication argues the case for freely funded education.[more]

£ 7.50

Of Wheat and Gold

The world's financial system proceeds from crisis to crisis, as if determined to forsake both its ancient agrarian basis and the more recent gold standard in favour of abstract finances.[more]

£ 7.50

Prelude in Economics

An aphoristic guide to the cardinal ideas of modern economic life, its twenty-two brief chapters survey the major socio-economic questions of our time and point to a fruitful relationship between capitalism and socialism.[more]

£ 7.50

Rare Albion

Did you ever wonder what happened to the Wizard of Oz? In this book he travels to Rare Albion, the island capital of the Confederated States of Columbia, a worldwide community in which people do business in the name of humanity...[more]

£ 9.50

Rudolf Steiner, Economist

An anthology of writings by and about Rudolf Steiner qua economist that documents his search for a deeper understanding of modern economic life.[more]

£ 7.50

The Metamorphosis of Capitalism

Showing that associative economics not only gives deep historical foundations to our understanding of current events, but also provides positive and practical means to address the many issues these develoments give rise to, this...[more]

£ 9.50

The Right On Corporation

The corporation (or company) is a universal form used for doing business. It is also the most appropriate way to link capital to individual initiative.[more]

£ 7.50